Want to find a way to help your community from home? Order your prescriptions for delivery or pick-up through Prism Health North Texas’ Pharmacies and 100% of the proceeds will be reinvested in their programs and services including vital free STI testing and treatment, HIV/AIDS primary care, and COVID-19 testing for current patients and staff. These prescriptions can be delivered to your home at no additional cost, making it even easier to support PHNTX.

During these strange and surreal times, we must do all we can to support those working on the front lines of the healthcare industry and now you can do that from an appropriate social distance through their pharmacies. Though only current patients and staff can be tested for COVID-19, anyone is eligible to use PHNTX’s Pharmacies. They currently operate at two locations; Prism Health North Texas Pharmacy at 4907 Spring Avenue, Dallas Texas 75210 and the Avita Pharmacy at 219 Sunset Ave, Dallas, Texas 75208. Ask your doctor to send your prescriptions to one of their pharmacies and opt in for delivery of your prescriptions at no additional cost. How easy is that?!

Prism Health North Texas is a cause worthy of your support. PHNTX aims to take sexual health out of the closet by removing the stigma and embarrassment of taking care of one’s sexual health and promoting the importance of good sexual health. PHNTX offers its patients affordable and compassionate sexual healthcare services including HIV primary care, free STI testing and treatment, PrEP, access to affordable medication, and transgender primary care. With three health centers in the Dallas area, the Empowerment Center, Client and Community Service Center and a pharmacy, PHNTX offers health services and resources to a large community. PHNTX’s CEO Dr. John Carlo spoke at the Perot Museum’s Scientist Spotlight Panel on COVID-19 and has been a sturdy voice of reason and safety during these uncertain times. PHNTX is able to test their current patients and staff for COVID-19 and has been closely following research on how the virus affects the immunocompromised including those with HIV/AIDS.

As Dallas’ rates of STI infection grow rapidly every year, and reach some of the highest in the country, PHNTX works to combat these issues by providing easy, affordable, and quality access to testing and treatment for anyone who needs it. 

Founded in 1986 with the HIV/AIDS  epidemics in mind, PHNTX Health North Texas has aimed to, like a prism illuminating a broad array of colors, illuminate a broad array of futures and health to its patients. Formerly Aids Arms Inc., PHNTX Health North Texas formed to provide “hope, compassion, and care” to those with HIV/AIDS. As medicine advances and fewer people reach an AIDS diagnosis, Prism Health North Texas has slowly expanded care services to provide North Texans the opportunity to live a full life with good sexual health. 

Managing healthcare access is equally important as mismanagement can be extremely detrimental to anyone dealing with health issues. PHNTX provides case management in that they are there for patients every step of the treatment process from their first visit to their final prescriptions ending treatment. Because they want to end the taboo around sexual health, PHNTX also works to empower those living with HIV to have the full and healthy lives they deserve. For PHNTX, building community is just as important as building healthcare access for all who need it. PHNTX Health North Texas also works to cultivate healthcare and improve accessibility for all. The dedicated Clinical Research Program at PHNTX focuses on studies for HIV treatment, HIV prevention, Hepatitis C treatment, TB prevention, and HIV comorbidities such as HIV and aging, neurocognitive disorders, and cardiovascular disease in patients living with HIV. Because sexual health is an issue that never goes away, PHNTX works to sponsor and participate in events year round promoting sexual health awareness and treatment. The most powerful of these events is the annual LifeWalk in the Turtle Creek and Uptown neighborhoods of Dallas every October. Since its founding in 1991, LifeWalk has raised over 12 million dollars, with over $500,000 of that being raised in 2019. 


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