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Who else has found joy in podcasts this year? Whether on a commute, on a run or walk through the neighborhood, or just listening while baking bread and relaxing at home, this year has seen a large increase in the number of weekly podcast listeners across the country.

 The Project Connect team at Prism Health North Texas is proud to announce the launch of their new podcast, “Beneath the Briefs”. The North Texas based nonprofit HIV/AIDS service organization hopes to use the modern art of podcasting to engage with the community in and around Dallas outside their regular 8 AM to 5 PM clinic hours. Hosted by Behavioral Intervention Specialist, Ana Fuentes, and Marketing Manager, Tri Truong, new episodes of Beneath the Briefs are scheduled to be released weekly on Fridays.

The Project Connect team would typically be organizing events, physically distributing condoms and other materials, and visiting with patients in person but in the year of COVID-19, they are using virtual methods to reach their audience. While in-person events are missed, Fuentes is excited about the opportunity to reach North Texans who may not be able to visit their clinics in person or have busy schedules. 

“Podcasts are an ideal way to easily engage audiences while they are engaged in other activities,” Fuentes said. “For example, many listeners here in the DFW area commute for hours, and by listening to our episodes, the commute is suddenly not so bad. Similarly, with social distancing, many people have also turned to exercising and enjoying time outdoors and are spending more time at home studying or working from home. But beware, you might find yourself fully engaged in the listening after a few minutes.”

Topics to be discussed include sex, sexual wellness, culture, and happenings in North Texas. The Project Connect team is constantly researching new topics and upcoming episodes will cover accessing healthcare, exploring STI prevention options such as PrEP, race and gender related issues, and more. Excited to host guests from a diverse and knowledgeable group, Project Connect team has invited several PHNTX staff members including Dr. Deborah Morris-Harris, Chief Medical Officer, and Amy Barrier, Nurse Practitioner to discuss topics related to their areas of expertise. 

“Because we explore topics regarding sexual health, we want to make sure we provide information that pertains to everyone,” Fuentes added. “Specifically, serving members of the LGBTQ and other marginalized communities is a priority.”

As the first season of Beneath the Briefs is in full swing with four episodes already live, the team is already excited to produce a special series focusing on stigma and other culturally diverse topics. Episodes on stigma will also be recorded in Spanish.

“We are excited to enter this medium as we begin to scratch the surface of topics we can explore,” said Andrew Wilson, Project Connect Director. “Podcasts are an effective way to engage with our community in a constantly changing media landscape.”

The first five episodes of Beneath the Briefs are ready for listeners to enjoy wherever they get their podcasts and are always invited to share their suggestions for discussion topics with the hosts at

Tune into the first four episodes here:

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