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Texans Can Academies graduated students from each of their Houston campuses this past week. Texans Can Academy - Houston North’s Class of 2018 graduated on Thursday, June 14 at Lighthouse Church in Humble; Texans Can Academy - Houston Hobby held graduation on Friday, June 15 at Stevenson Middle School in Houston; and Texans Can Academy - Houston Southwest’s graduation was on Wednesday, June 20 at Higher Dimensions Church in Houston.

“We are extremely proud of each of our students who have graduated this month,” said Texans Can Academies President and CEO Richard Marquez. “They have put in an incredible amount of work and determination to get where they are today. Texans Can Academies have given these students a chance to receive a quality education and teach them how to truly be thinkers.”

Most graduates have their own story about the struggles they faced and the journey they took to earn their high school diploma. Some were former high school dropouts; some students were not succeeding in a traditional high school campus; some were the first in their families to receive a high school diploma; among other struggles. However, all who graduated this past week are celebrating the end of a chapter in their lives that starts the beginning of a new chapter where some of them will be attending college, some will be going on to a trade school or community college, some will be going directly into the workforce, and some will be leaving for the military. They will all be participating members of the Houston economy and thinkers who will never be victimized by their circumstances again.

Graduations at Texans Can Academies are celebratory, loud and attended by entire families. Applause is given for each student as they cross the stage to celebrate hard work and determination. It is a celebration of overcoming difficulties and beginning a new, successful chapter in their lives.  

Texans Can Academies believe in providing the highest quality education for all students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting. The curriculum prepares each student with skills and concepts, such as the Marquez Reading programming methods, to emphasize college ready and workforce ready skills, so their graduates have successful plans after their graduation. Texans Can Academies graduates thinkers.


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