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Students from Texans Can Academy - Pleasant Grove and Texans Can Academy - Garland Can recently completed a joint CNA program with Eastfield College.

Texans Can Academies has partnered with Eastfield College to offer students an opportunity to go through a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. Twelve students from Texans Can Academy - Pleasant Grove and three students from Texans Can Academy - Garland Can have registered and completed the program. It is a seven-week long program that includes lecture, skills lab and clinical experience and is offered at no cost to the students.

Through this certification program, students go through hands-on activities and training, such as learning how to inject patients properly, how to discard hazardous materials as well as many other educational activities. At the conclusion of the seven weeks of classes, the students who have registered and completed the program will take the state test. An increase of 18% in job growth for nursing assistants from 2014 to 2024 was reported by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is more rapid than the average predicted job growth rate in that amount of time. 

Texans Can Academies believe in providing the highest quality education for all students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting. Their mission is to help students earn their high school diplomas and assist with all of their needs to further college or career paths after graduation. For more information about Texans Can Academies, please visit


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