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After Santa returns to the North Pole at the end of the year, it’s time to clean up before Uncle Sam makes his unwanted yearly appearance in our homes.  Are you ready to file taxes? Anything you can donate?  How about that old car sitting in the driveway leaking oil and providing fine lodgings for a family of squirrels? How about that perfectly fine working car that isn’t cool enough for your teenager? If you only knew how easy it is to donate to nonprofit organization, Texans Can Cars for Kids and Texans Can Academies.

Texans Can Cars for Kids is a 501 C(3) organization that has been in business for 27 years and is unique among non-profits.  Texans Can Cars for Kids offers a turnkey program for donating cars, trucks, motorcycles and heavy equipment – running or not.  Pick up the phone to speak with donation specialists that are available throughout the holidays, including New Year’s Eve.  It is as easy as one phone call. The nonprofit provides free towing, the car is gone, donors receive a tax write-off and have helped teenagers in our community. 

If the title is unavailable, Texans Can Cars for Kids’ title department has staff to help donors obtain duplicate titles.  Donors receive the highest possible value for their cars when the vehicle goes to auction.  That’s also part of the service. Texans Can Cars for Kids run their own auctions, and they’re open to the public. 

Donating an old vehicle is a win-win.  The donor gets rid of an eyesore taking up space in the garage while also receiving a tax write-off.  And students get a second chance at completing their education.

With the public’s donations, more than 4,000 young Texans per year who are at risk of not graduating are receiving a high-quality education in classrooms with very low teacher/student ratios.  All donations benefit Dallas/Fort Worth/Garland Can Academies’ 8 tuition-free, open enrollment and charter high schools of choice.

“We value all our donors, big and small. And the community will feel the effects of these donations years after our students graduate,” said Richard Marquez, CEO of Texans Can Academies.  “The proceeds from your donation directly benefit our students.  100 percent.  We have changed thousands of lives, thanks to the generosity of our donors.”

The organization runs its own call center, its own title department and its own “open to the public” auto auction each Saturday, located at 7100 Marvin D. Love Freeway, Dallas, TX 75237.  It is turnkey, and it is that easy.  Donors may call 972-274-5437 or visit

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