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Every day is a great day to celebrate man’s best friend! Kitchen Design Concepts, a design and remodeling company based in Dallas, is sharing tips to ensure your next remodel has your furry family members in mind. For any type of pup, Kitchen Design Concepts has the perfect plan for making your pooch the center of your home! 


The Spa Princess

For dogs that require a bit more pampering, consider adding a doggie spa to your utility room. This modern tile choice and striking white color complements the rest of this Preston Hollow home. The doggie spa design can be tailored to match any style. The designated space will leave your pup feeling like the pampered princess they are, without creating a mess out of bathtime.  



The Sous Chef

If your dog is known to be the best helper in the kitchen, consider adding a pet “hotel” under your counter space. This Highland Park home features a space for your pets right in the kitchen! Your pup can be included in all of the cooking and kitchen action with their own space. The pet hotel can be closed off when not in use to mimic the look of storage cabinets. The space is perfectly hidden from the living room, yet still very much part of the kitchen. The best part? Your furry friend will be close to snack on any cooking scraps in the kitchen!



The Adventure Enthusiast 

If your furry friend is notorious for their thrilling adventures, an outdoor dog washing area is a must. For the pups that spend their days rolling in the mud, chasing squirrels, and going on long walks, owners will appreciate a space to wash off the fun of the day without tracking mud and grime into the home. Was there really ever a great adventure that didn’t create a fit of filth? 


As you plan to celebrate your pup with an extra walk in the park or maybe a few extra treats, we hope you find ways to shower your pup with extra love. Kitchen Design Concepts works to ensure every member of the family is included in the crafting of design, even the four-legged ones! 

Mary-Kathryn Reese is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitchen Design Concepts. Mary-Kathryn’s business acumen and love for cooking make an ideal recipe for helping clients discover the best possible use of their kitchen space. 

Kitchen Design Concepts provides turnkey remodeling services to Dallas clients through a defined and refined process that shapes partnerships with each client. Kitchen Design Concepts works closely with each client to learn their lifestyles, aesthetic taste, and needs for maximum satisfaction. 


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