As we get ready to welcome the warmth of spring afternoons, blooming flowers, and refreshing sunlight, Kitchen Design Concepts, a Dallas-based design and remodeling company, is helping clients that are not only welcoming spring but are beginning new seasons of life. From welcoming a new baby to parenting teenagers to empty nesting and retirement, new seasons of life bring new routines and pave the way for different needs in your home. Each season brings unique needs and Kitchen Design Concepts can provide valuable tips to ease the changes in the most important parts of your home.


Welcoming Home Your Bundle of Joy 


Welcoming a baby is an exciting time for new parents! The whirl of precious snuggles and bonding in your home shouldn’t be overwhelmed by a cramped kitchen scattered with bottles and dirty dishes. In this project, Kitchen Design Concepts created an area with plenty of counter space near an oversized sink. The openness of this kitchen makes it easy for new parents to move with ease and stack used and clean bottles without encroaching on the rest of the kitchen. The sink is large enough for quick baths without having to lean over a bathtub in a space much too large for an infant. An oversized sink for bath time saves water and saves your back! 


A Home Filled With Love and Teenagers

Teenagers are constantly on the go and your home should make busy schedules easier on your family, not harder. With the chaos of homework, band rehearsal, and sports practice, if your family is on-the-go, try implementing design elements that create separate spaces within a cohesive area. This Lakewood home features a built-in office space for kids to work on homework assignments, a mudroom to keep all of your teenager’s sporting equipment and backpacks in one spot, and an area that makes it convenient for family members to grab a cool drink before heading out the door. 


Ahh... Empty Nesters Rejoice

The sweet sound of silence and relaxation! Your kids have all moved out and you are able to enjoy your home without the constant hustle and bustle. Why not treat yourself by updating your bathroom to be the spa oasis you have always dreamed of? Incorporating a soaking tub, cool tones, and a steam shower can make your own bathroom feel like a spa. Enjoying a spa day every day is the perfect way to welcome the empty nester life with ease. 


Retirement is for Relaxation and New Adventures

If you are a recent retiree, you may be looking to find a new hobby to fill your time. Cooking is a great way to explore different cultures and techniques while acquiring new skills. With your newfound love for cooking, consider adding new appliances to your kitchen for more flexibility when trying new recipes. Kitchen Design Concepts suggests adding a convection steam oven. Convection steam ovens are a game changer when making extra crunchy bread or delightful juicy dishes. 


Regardless of the season you are in, your home is the center of life’s excitement. Utilizing design to make life simpler and more convenient while enjoying a beautiful space is sure to add an element of ease to any life journey.


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