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Trinity Basin Preparatory Ledbetter Campus and Dallas ISD students tuned up on May 19, 2022 to perform orchestral and band music they had practiced throughout the spring semester. The concert was held at 5 p.m. at Trinity Basin Preparatory's Ledbetter campus, located at 2524 West Ledbetter Drive in Dallas.


Sixty students from 1st-8th grade participated in showcasing their newly developed musical skills. The students had been practicing under the expert direction of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Teaching Artists to learn the basics of classical music through the development of instrumental skills and discovering a love for music, along with other skills applicable to all areas of life including curiosity, practice, and emotional intelligence. Trinity Basin Preparatory’s Ledbetter Campus is one of five South Dallas campuses participating in the program, among campuses without their own traditional orchestra or band curriculums. 


“Watching the students discover a love for music has made every moment of preparation exciting,” Ledbetter Campus Principal Dawson Spicer said. “We are extremely thankful for the partnership with Dallas Symphony Orchestra and thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to our students perform after months of hard work.”


As student orchestras and bands typically meet for less than an hour a week in the traditional classroom setting, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Learning Artists aim to fully engage students in their musical aspirations, hosting group lessons three times a week at the campus in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood. 


All young musicians can have this same opportunity to learn from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra this summer at their annual summer camp being held July 9-30, 2022. The camp will be held at the Trinity Basin Preparatory's Ledbetter campus. There is no cost to attend the camp as instruments, instructors, and instructional materials are all provided by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Those interested in registering for the camp for the first time may do so here. Those interested in returning to the camp may sign up here.


Please find images of the May 19 concert here. Please let me know if you are interested in speaking with a member of Trinity Basin Preparatory leadership about the value of including music and other arts programs in their curriculums. 


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