The Oak Cliff campus of Dallas Can Academy is hosting a “Prom Dress Drive” for their senior students who are attending prom this year. The drive is accepting donations for all prom attire, including dresses, jewelry, men’s suits, shoes and more. The students’ prom will take place in late May at the Dallas Zoo. 

Dallas Can hopes to receive 50 or more dresses this year so that they may begin a formal attire and clothing closet for their students.  Donations will be stored and available for students to visit and select outfits for prom or other occasions that require dressier outfits than they have in their wardrobes.  All sizes for young women and young men are welcome. Cash donations are also gratefully accepted and may be designated for the “Prom Closet.”

Tax-deductible donations can be delivered to the school by May 8, 2017. School representatives are also available to pick up your donation from home or office. 

If you wish to donate your items in person, you may visit the campus at 325 West 12th Street Dallas, Texas 75208 during regular school hours. If you wish to have your items picked up, you may contact Student Advisor, Nathan McCoy or College and Career Transition Coordinator, Jon Dupard.

Student Advisor, Nathan McCoy:

Phone: 214-882-6255 


College Career Transition Coordinator, Jon Dupard:

Phone: 214-944-1985


“Prom is a chance for our students to feel and look as special as they have dreamed for their prom night,” said Nathan McCoy, Dallas Can Student Advisor. “They deserve to have a night to celebrate their accomplishments thus far.” 

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