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  Texans Can Academies held a math competition for their eight campuses across the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  The Dallas Can Academy, Oak Cliff campus, hosted the tournament at their school. Teachers from several campuses collaborated to plan a Math Olympiad among their students in order to encourage them to excel in math while also improving their problem solving skills.

 During the contest, students competed to answer Jeopardy style math problems that were designed to challenge and enhance their problem solving skills for not only math related material, but for everyday life. Four campuses made it to the final round of competition and competed in a very close run-off contest. Each team consisted of their school’s top four mathletes.

 For three hours the teams crunched numbers to find the correct solutions to the problems given them by the schools’ math teachers. The competition was close, as each team managed to answer questions only seconds apart and with little time to spare before the timer buzzed.

 After a morning of making the numbers right, the three top winners were: First place, Oak Cliff Can Academy; Second place, Dallas Can Academy Carrollton-Farmers Branch; and Third place, Dallas Can Academy Grant East.

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