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The Feuerstein Institute recently opened their two-week annual international summer workshop, otherwise known as the Shoresh International Summer Workshop, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Being held in the United States for the very first time, the conference decided to bring their message to the United States and share the life-changing methods being taught around the world that works with the brain’s neuroplasticity. In its 38th year, the workshop has made its way to Grapevine, Texas.

The conference began with notable guests arriving to greet Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein, president of the Feuerstein Institute. Rabbi Feuerstein has dedicated his life’s work to researching and developing methods to present in the curriculum of the workshops. Many of the strategies present in the Feuerstein Method target specific cognitive functions that allow the brain to be stimulated and re-wired, no matter the condition of the brain. This allows for those who would otherwise have learning or cognitive differences, such as autism, dyslexia, early onset Alzheimer’s, Down’s Syndrome and PTSD, to be able to learn and receive information the same way as someone with a full-functioning brain.  

The conference has specifically made its way to Texas because of a very special partner to their teachings: Texans Can Academies. For over five years, Texans Can Academies has been implementing the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment methodology in the classrooms of all 13 of their high school campuses around the state.  The curriculum has proven to work wonders for the students, who often struggle in a traditional high school setting.

Chaim Guggenheim, with the Feuerstein Institute, opened the conference and welcomed everyone. Richard Marquez, president and CEO of Texans Can Academies thanked everyone for attending the conference and dedicating their time to become certified trainers. Fred Ertz, board member with Texans Can Academies, also spoke about how effective and noteworthy the curriculum has been for the academy. 

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