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Noted French photographer Jerome Poulalier has spent his career exploring the unseen.  In the past, that has meant documenting out-of-the-way spaces in urban settings like London, San Francisco or Shanghai.  Now, his talents have brought him to Dallas where he has partnered with Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind to chronicle the unseen world of the blind.  


Poulalier spent months in Dallas documenting the lives of more than 30 Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind subjects in profoundly beautiful photographs that must be shared with the world.  To that end, a Kickstarter campaign has been started to fulfill this mission.  Poulalier hopes to publish a beautiful hardcover book of his photographs called “Being Blind, The Book about a Different Reality.”  The money raised from the Kickstarter campaign will cover all publishing and distributing costs.  The remainder of the money will be donated to Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind. 


At least $20,000 needs to be raised in the Kickstarter campaign to publish this important book.  The Kickstarter campaign is an online pledge drive open to everyone.  Donors may contribute any amount of money – large or small – to make the book a reality.  


Jerome Poulalier hopes that donors will be drawn to his vision.  “I was deeply moved meeting and photographing the people I met last summer at Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind,” said Poulalier.  “I want to share my photos with the world so that everyone can understand the beauty of these incredibly brave and loving people.  I was inspired about how they go through a very challenging world without their sight with profound bravery and a love for others I’ve never experienced anywhere before.”


In the book, Poulalier follows the journeys of the blind as they raise children, forge careers and move their way through a world at times both loving and unforgiving.  His photos are deeply moving.  The hope is that “Being Blind” will open a discussion about life’s deeper meanings and the hopes and dreams of every human being.


Dallas Lighthouse is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunity and assistance to individuals affected by blindness and vision impairment.  Celebrating its 85th anniversary this year, Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind’s mission remains the creation of jobs and the promotion of the quality of life and independence for the people who are blind and visually impaired in North Texas. 


For more information about “Being Blind,” please visit the following link:


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