Texans Can Academies’ newest and sixth Dallas-area charter high school is enrolling for the fall semester. The Garland campus is located at 2256 Arapaho Road, Garland, Texas, 75044.

The new campus has the capacity to serve up to 300 students. Located near the intersection of North Garland Road and North Shiloh Road, the campus is a 24,746-square-foot building that includes a 5,400-square-feet gymnasium and full cafeteria.

Garland Can Academy, whose mascot is the Jaguars, plans to offer dual credit classes to students so they may enter college with credits that will push them ahead in their required course count, saving them money and time away from work and/or family. The high school also plans to offer endorsements for career certifications, adult literacy classes, computer and job training and English Second Language courses. 

Dr. Daniel Johnson, principal, cited the opportunities ahead in the Garland community for Texans Can Academies’ newest school location. "We are excited about opening this new campus in Garland. It allows us to reach more youth in this area and have a positive outcome on their future,” he said.

The school will enroll students in grades nine through 12 and offer two half-day programs every weekday. Students are able to attend school either four hours in the morning or in the afternoon to allow them time to work if needed. The school’s student-to-teacher ratio average will be 17:1 with one advisor/social worker on staff for every 45 students enrolled.

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