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North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Creeping Vines Online. Read more about the impact of the event below.

Self-care is a form of therapy. Taking steps to feel good are often as simple as riding a bike, literally.

Bike riding, hiking, walking, running, tennis and other physical activities as well as some non-physical exerting activities such as meditation, reading, listening to music, visiting an art gallery, and even travelling are all examples of accomplishments that support self-care.

Therapy, often be seen as clinical interventions, can also be recognized as the daily or weekly steps an individual can take to support mental wellness and positive well-being. Group activities and events that allow individuals to join together in common unison foster mental confidence and individual mental clarity.

Your self-care is personal; only you know what works for you.

Creeping Vines Online offers a yearly women’s mental wellness event. The dollars donated through North Texas Giving Day allow us to bring a many women together from all walks of life, all ages, and conditions to share stories of hope, confidence, and truth, and encourages women to remove the masks of shame and stigma through the UnMasked Women Campaign. The Unmasked Women Campaign fosters confidence in unity and helps women find the necessary coping and communication skills and the confidence to say, “I’m not okay” and ask for help if needed. We offer a variety of workshops, discussion circles, one-on-one coaching activities, group activities, along with fashion, fun, and of course food.

Each year we highlight certain women throughout each day of the month and post their “power quote” to inspire other women to step from behind their own mask and focus on clinical therapy if needed, but also daily self-care as a part of their practical routine.

Join us for UnMasked Women May 2020 as we continue to empower women to live bold lives and erase the stigma surrounding mental health! And get up and give on 9.19.19 at

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