By Dr. Paul Wolfe, Head of School, The Cambridge School of Dallas

North Texas Giving Day is back this year on September 19th. We are spotlighting one of the more than 3,000 nonprofits participating this year, Cambridge School of Dallas. Read more about the impact of the event below.

Do you ever think there should be better educational options? Or think that our next generation should understand how to communicate well, treat others with respect, be civically cognizant, have an understanding and appreciation for the classics, know how to defend their beliefs, and be equipped to enter the world as a contributing member of society?

The founders of The Cambridge School of Dallas believed that as well, which is why they founded a Christ-centered, classical, college preparatory school.

The Cambridge School of Dallas is addressing the world’s deepest needs in classical ways. We offer grades 5 through 12 in an environment where students use the history, philosophy, and literature of yesterday to confront the culture with timeless truths and be solution oriented for today’s world. Our mission of “Academic Discipleship: Fostering a Love of Learning with a Passion for Jesus Christ” is evident in each classroom, on each sports team, and at each social event.

An investment in The Cambridge School of Dallas is an investment in preparing students to enter the world with a classical perspective based on a quality education, resulting in critically important skills. The Cambridge School of Dallas is in a unique position to equip students to prepare for college and adulthood. We challenge our students to think for themselves, equipping them with the tools they need to live and defend their faith on an intellectual level, while earning significant credits through Advanced Placement (AP) courses, attending highly selective universities, often receiving significant scholarship dollars.

Monetary funds from North Texas Giving Day allow The Cambridge School of Dallas to continue to function as an exemplary institution in the Dallas area. With dollars from North Texas Giving Day, we could cover most, if not all, of our annual fund costs to run and manage our school. If we were able to meet those costs, any additional dollars that came in during the school year could be diverted for scholarships, needed project funds, or invested in the future of The Cambridge School of Dallas.

Dollars from North Texas Giving Day not only will allow The Cambridge School of Dallas’s mission to continue but will provide North Texas with civic-minded young adults who will help shape the future of this city and country in a positive way. That is an investment in the future worth making.

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