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Let’s talk about storage. Sooner or later, we all get to the point where we run out of room for all our stuff. Sometimes it’s because we’re moving, combining households, or downsizing but still have decades of our kids’ stuff around. Maybe we’ve inherited a deceased loved ones possessions or have a slew of seasonal items, like holiday decorations, we don’t use regularly that get in the way and create too much clutter. Whatever the life event may be, storing unused items or just temporarily having a place to keep things in our home or office is something we all will encounter at some point, whether it’s a few rooms of furniture or a bunch of boxes.

Storage units are handy, but the nightmare begins when you can’t remember what’s in them. Too often we forget what we have. It’s labor intensive enough to pack up items in a cardboard box and haul them off to the storage facility. Who takes the time to inventory what they’re storing? Have you ever caught yourself dreaming or wondering where something is but dreading the drive to the storage facility to check and see if it’s there? How many times have you bought items you think you need, only to find you had it all along at your storage facility?

Callbox Storage has a simple solution to solve your storage memory nightmare. It’s called a photo inventory. When the Callbox team comes to your home to pick up your stuff (right off the bat, a huge plus) they take a photo inventory of your boxes, your storage totes, and other items you've packed away. They take pictures of each item headed to storage and assign them a unique barcode before they provide you with an online Dashboard so you can see exactly what you’re about to store away. Your items are stored at their climate controlled, 24/7 secure facility. Then, simply by logging into your account or calling, they bring your items back (one free trip a month), whenever you need them. They even bring S, M, L and XL boxes for free! They will deliver boxes beforehand or bring them at pick up.

A storage company that picks up and delivers is a huge plus, but knowing what you have at the storage facility at all times is key. It saves you time making trips to the storage facility to find things and money when you’re not re-purchasing items you already have. Callbox Storage has a team of professionals ready to help you figure out your storage needs. With one click or call, a team will come to your home, office or other storage facility, load your items, inventory them and take them away. It’s a super easy solution that makes the entire storage process a little simpler – and leaves you with more free time to buy more stuff!

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