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Highland Park High School won most spirited school in the Park Cities.

Last week in Best of BubbleLife, we asked our readers to vote for the most spirited school in their community. We received more than 1,600 responses, ranging from private elementary to public high schools. See the top nominations below. 

Allen High School

Recently, BubbleLife paid a visit to Allen High School to discuss our internship program, and the school left quite an impression. The building is massive – approximately 880,000 square feet – and AHS uses the entire facility well. At this school, students can learn to cook for Blu Restaurant, as well as study retail management at Eagle Edge School Store.

McKinney Christian Academy

MCA is dedicated to molding capable Christian adults through educating students’ minds, bodies and spirits. The Bible-based curriculum fosters authentic critical thinking and adequately prepares students for college.  In the athletic department, coaches look beyond the scoreboard; the Mustangs are taught to exhibit strong work ethic and develop solid communication skills.

Woodrow Wilson High School

Located in East Dallas, Woodrow Wilson High School encourages students to become life-long learners and well-rounded adults. Woodrow Wilson offers International Baccalaureate Academy, a rigorous honors program, as well as a competitive athletic department. Each high school student is also expected to be an active member of one area of the fine arts department.


See which school won in your community by clicking the "Best Of” tab on the homepage. If your child’s school isn’t active on BubbleLife and in the BubbleLife Directory, please email  Let us help you spread campus news and boost school spirit! 

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