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L to R: Cervin and York celebrated Milk & Honey's third anniversary with a Halloween party. The duo played off "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" for their costumes.

Named after the proverbial Promised Land, Milk & Honey Boutique opened to provide an oasis of fashionable finds. For the past few years, the shop has done just that. Milk & Honey celebrated three successful years with a Halloween themed party on Thursday.

“In the past three years, we've revamped our store several times to keep our customers inspired,” Owner Brittany York said. “I am the buyer for our store so I believe our product has evolved slightly as I've grown older.”

Before opening Milk & Honey, York owned Roots Boutique in Waco. The boutique gained immediate popularity, allowing York to sell the store and open another shop in her hometown. Here, York can do what she does best: create new store concepts and design inspiring spaces.

“I'm originally from Dallas so after graduating from Baylor, I was excited to get back to Dallas to be closer to my family,” York said. “I was also eager to see if I could be equally as successful in a bigger, more competitive market.”

By offering fun pieces at affordable prices, Milk & Honey has established a strong presence in the Dallas fashion scene. The store’s environment is laid back but carries an artistic energy, and the employees are helpful without being overbearing.

“We invest in developing our team and creating a fun company culture so that we attract the best talent,” York said. “We count on our team to deliver the best customer experience so that our customers look forward to their next visit.”

Once York laid the foundation of her business, she hired Kristyn Cervin as managing director. “Her experience in development and building a great team dynamic has allowed me more time to focus on what I love most - design and buying,” York explained.  

Cervin left a corporate job to team up with her best friend and create a fun employee atmosphere and learning environment.  

“We are slowly building a little family and mentoring them in their careers. Not every employee wants to be in fashion, and for others it is their dream,” Cervin said. “We can cover a lot of bases in connecting and guiding them in the next steps of their lives, and that's the kind of company we want to build for our employees – a launching pad or a landing pad with a team who cheers you on.” 

The duo’s next business challenge is to open another shop in Dallas. They hope to bring York’s eye for design and Cervin’s team building skills to the expansion. York said, “I look forward to a fresh new palate with our next store.”

To see the shop’s latest trends, visit Milk & Honey’s online store. Or, stop by the boutique, located at 1906 N Henderson Avenue.

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