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Elizabeth Wiley

Local artist Elizabeth Wiley hopes her paintings evoke peace and calmness. Sitting on a white leather couch inside her studio, I feel just that.

“For my paintings, it’s all about the colors,” Wiley said. “The color and the feeling are what’s important to me. When you put colors together, they create different feelings. I just want to create calmness and happiness.”

Four years ago, Wiley transitioned to become a full-time professional artist, mostly creating abstract oil and acrylic paintings for clients. But even before opening her own studio, she described herself as an artist.

“I just always did art,” she explained. “It came easier than other things. I never thought, ‘I’m going to be an artist.’ I was just always an artist.” 

Wiley works in a studio in Northwest Dallas, where you’ll find dozens of her dreamy paintings. Throughout the day, she works on larger commission work and her “one-a-day” paintings, all while listening to audio books.

“My process is different for the different things I do. With my one-a-days, I’ll choose which colors I feel at that particular moment,” Wiley said. “The one-a-days are about capturing a moment. They’re spontaneous. When I first started doing one small painting a day, it wasn’t easy. But the more you do something, the easier it gets.”

Now, stacks of one-a-day paintings decorate Wiley’s studio, standing as trophies of her dedication. They’re also a testament to her abilities, helping to ease the fear and self-doubt surrounding being a professional artist.

“Any artist is nervous to put his work out there. When you release your work, your chances of being rejected are huge,” Wiley said. “I still feel that fear, but my confidence is better.”

Perhaps this prolific artist’s confidence is founded in the high demand for her work. You can find her pieces online, on Etsy, on Saatchi Art and at Design on A Nickel in Bishop Arts.

“I definitely put my work out there,” Wiley said. “You’re not going to sell anything if you don’t put yourself out there. You also have to promote yourself on social media and get the buzz going about your work.”

To see Wiley’s current pieces, and join the conversations about her work, visit her website or Facebook page.

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