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Amidst the broken landscape of journalism, BubbleLife has reinvented the way you read the news.  We’ve pieced together information to educate and inspire our readers. With each newsletter, BubbleLife strives to bring you closer to your community; we hope to bridge the gap between writers and readers.

We’re not done molding the industry. While other media outlets face lawsuits from unpaid interns, BubbleLife has pioneered a program unlike any other. Our internship program provides high school and college students a crash course in digital media. We work to give our interns the necessary tools to change in an evolving industry.

Our program challenges students in every aspect of journalism. Interns will manage real-world deadlines, complete practical assignments and learn to brand themselves as writers or photographers. BubbleLife doesn’t want our interns to keep up with the industry – we push them to thrive. 

We invite all students and parents to read more about the program. Please email questions to

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