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When you ask a broad question like, “Where’s the best place to go shopping?” you risk receiving a generic answer. The mall. Online. Your sister’s closet. (Sorry, sis.) That’s what we expected to see in last week’s Best of BubbleLife survey.

Instead, we received a list of some of the best shopping strips in Dallas-Fort Worth. In fact, some of these shopping areas have shaped the city’s identity. Here is a list of non-generic shopping areas to spruce up your spring wardrobe:

Allen: We were sure our readers would say Allen Premium Outlets because, of course, there is a J. Crew. However, Watters Creek came in as the winner. Here, you can discover more than clothes, as its store selection includes Fine Cigars, Oil & Vinegar and Savour Tasting Room & Social Club.

Coppell: When Market Street won, we were surprised, and then curious. This strip includes grocery stores, drugstores and specialty shops. It was a dark horse candidate, but came out on top. Now we know where to find organic, locally-sourced produce and pastries. Finally.

Grapevine: We were concerned upon seeing Tom Thumb and Walmart as responses to the survey. However, Historic Downtown soon won the title. This area includes public art, a historic train and boutique shopping. Sounds like a full day of fun, even for non-shoppers.

Lake Highlands: Now when The Store won in this neighborhood, we thought it was a joke. It’s not. The Store is a real place and we want to go there now. This boutique is the perfect spot to find a gift, as it offers specialty items like candles, candies and products for a “man cave.”

McKinney: There was one vote for Target, which we understood and appreciated that dollar section is dangerous. However, the winner was Downtown McKinney, which has become a staple in the community. Here, you can learn about the city’s history, find rare antiques and buy “designer drinks” at Grotto.

To see the best place to shop in your neighborhood, click on the “Best Of” tab on the homepage. Click on “Best Shopping Area” and grab your credit cards.

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