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This morning as I am taking my 3 year old to school, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a "colorful" message on my rear car window.   Colored red and in large lettering, you could not miss it, unless like me, you have not had enough coffee!

Having an 18 year old, I first thought maybe one of his friends that I ratted out for partying.  Could my Mom have had this hired out?  She is mad at me since Hospice delivered the hospital bed, but that is an entirely different story!   Maybe the neighbors, as my car has not had a bath in a while. 

With Christmas around the corner, a new release of BubbleLife (little plug – wait til you see the iPhone Reporter and the Deals), an 18 year old anxiously awaiting his return back to college (and freedom) and a 3 year old anxiously awaiting Santa, I don’t have much brain power to figure out the mystery. 

However, I wanted to say Thank You!  You made me feel like a teenager!  With a three year old in tow, you may want to write "Go Wonder Pets" or "Your Old Mom likes Yo Gabba Gabba."   And yes,  I am planning on digging out the skinny jeans today!

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