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Amy Titus, a lifelong resident of Highland Park, announced that she is seeking a position on the Highland Park Independent School District (HPISD) Board of Trustees. Her goal is to continue and encourage the district’s commitment to educational excellence and the importance of recognizing the unique potential of every child.

“I strongly believe in the concept of giving back to the community and that education is one of the most important areas in which people can give,” Titus said. “As a mother and active volunteer, I have seen first-hand the dedication of our teachers, administration and staff of the Highland Park Independent School District.”

Titus is a 1978 graduate of HPISD and has one child currently attending Highland Park Middle School and another heading off to college. She has been an active member of the PTA for over 12 years serving as a volunteer in the library, cafeteria, supply room and fundraising.

Along with serving in volunteer positions Titus has also worked in an educational capacity throughout the Highland Park system as a substitute teacher. Titus understands the importance of having individuals in the body of policymakers who have experienced the real-life applications of school district policies.

“The biggest strength of the Highland Park school system is the number of hours the parents are willing to put into the system—not just for their own children, but for the betterment of the community as a whole,” Titus said.

The HPISD Board of Trustees is a position that Titus knows she is qualified to serve and will commit her time to the school board and the community. Her leadership experience extends to several executive committee positions on the Junior Marianne Scruggs Garden Club Executive Board including President, Vice President and Treasurer. She also served as the President of the Preschool Board at University Park Methodist.

Titus is looking to fill the seat that John Bunten will be vacating this year.

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