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I just learned that over 210 neighborhood residents signed a petition to appeal to Tom Thumb, after several residents volunteered to go door to door. 

If you missed this, like I did... Please Vote:


Below is a copy of the letter sent and I have retyped it with permission! 



September 15, 2011


Mr. Paul McTavish
President, Texas Division
3663 Briar Park Drive
Houston, Texas 77042

Dear Mr. McTavish,

The attached pages contain signatures of 210 loyal customers of the Snider Plaza Tom Thumb Store in Dallas, Texas.

The store has a very warm, small town feeling due to its excellent management and its courteous and efficient staff.  There is on employee, however, who has become the public face of the store for a large number of customers because of her genuine friendliness to all and her unique ability to know not only the names of the customers but also their family members, as well.  She even knows which customers know each other!  As a result, many of these customers are interested in her life as well as the activities of her children.

Her name is Shenikwa Robertson.

This two-way dialogue between staff and customers has virtually disappeared in most metropolitan areas of this country and is greatly treasured by many.  This closeness has resulted in a loyalty to this particular Tom Thumb store than can not be created in any other way.

Shenikwa was hired about 10 years ago when Tom Thumb replaced a Minyard's store in Snider Plaza.  About a month ago, she was transferred to another Tom Thumb store.  She is greatly missed by each individual who has signed the enclosed petition.  There were many additional customers who were not aware of its circulation, since no names were collected at the store or on its property.

We hope for her return to the Snider Plaza store, which is the reason for this petition.  We strongly appeal to you to exercise your authority in bringing her back.  If she is transferred back to Tom Thumb Snider Plaza, the store will inevitably reap the rewards of the continued loyalty of hundreds of customers.

We will be most grateful for your understanding and action.


Roger Fullington & Julie Ann O'Connell

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