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Its convenience may not be so great for your wallet, but most people will agree that online shopping has tons of benefits.  Who really wants to drive to the mall, deal with the hassle of finding a parking spot and wait in long checkout lines, especially if you’re only looking for one specific item?  The Internet has provided the world with a stress-free approach to shopping, and The Cellar 9 has simplified the approach even more.

The Cellar 9, an online fashion boutique featuring women’s accessories such as jewelry, handbags, scarves and wraps, offers quality, trendy fashions with a twist—there are only nine items available per week, in a collection specifically pieced together item by item. 

The Cellar 9

The limited stock of merchandise isn’t due to a lack of interest, however.  The founders of The Cellar 9 intentionally designed the website to feature nine vendors per week to provide a more accessible online shopping experience.

Sites such as Amazon or Zappos provide customers with a wide variety of merchandise, but can often overwhelm shoppers who are bogged down in the midst of thousands of online fashion accessory options.  Just type in something along the lines of “silver earrings” and countless items will appear, ranging in price from a few dollars to something comparable to a couple of rent checks, creating a wide assortment of items that isn’t easy to navigate.

The Cellar 9 has the advantage of selling quality items without making customers search through numerous options for it.  All of the items are available in one central location, making online shopping easier than ever.

Family owned and operated by Park Cities residents Jody and Nora Lane, along with their daughter Kacy Daley, The Cellar 9 was launched in August of this year to fill a niche for both shoppers and vendors alike.

The Lane family also owns WebcastMessaging.com, a video marketing corporation that is entirely family owned and operated.  In addition to her work with The Cellar 9, Nora Lane continues her work as a well-known Dallas Realtor with Virginia Cook, Realtors. 

They developed the concept for The Cellar 9 to include a video marketing aspect, so shoppers not only get to see photos of the products, but they can choose to watch a video about items as well.

Items are available exclusively online through customer representatives.  If you don’t have a rep, don’t worry.  New customers are assigned one upon checkout.    

The Cellar 9’s exclusive online sales model has its perks—there’s no pressure to buy.  If you’ve experienced sales parties offering jewelry or kitchen tools, this will come as a relief.  Since friends or family often host these “parties,” guests feel obligated to purchase products they may or may not love.  The Cellar 9, however, provides obligation-free shopping to customers.

Selected by The Cellar 9 buyer Gigi Haltom, featured merchants are able to have their merchandise displayed on The Cellar 9, providing them with the visibility that most small vendors don’t receive.  “Even if you have an online presence, it’s hard to get any exposure,” Jody says. 

The Cellar 9’s simple design promotes each of the nine vendors much better than traditional e-commerce, so much so that the company has a waiting list of vendors hoping to get featured on the site.

Customers and vendors aren’t the only ones to get a sweet deal, though.  Representatives make a 25 percent commission on all merchandise sold.  According to Nora, time spent by representatives managing The Cellar 9 business averages no more than 15 minutes per day. 

“It’s a great side job for people to supplement their income,” Nora says of the representative position.  Currently, there are approx. 250 representatives across the country who have the ability to personalize their level of involvement with The Cellar 9 and their customer base.  One representative even made animated YouTube videos to promote The Cellar 9 to her followers.

At 25 percent, the commission rate for representatives is higher than most representative-based sales models, but The Cellar 9 doesn’t have any plans to change their strategy.  “We care about the reps,” Nora says, explaining the reasoning behind the company’s current compensation approach. 

Though The Cellar 9 plans to grow the brand and expand its representative and customer base, one thing will stay the same—the number of featured items will always be nine per week. 

In the upcoming weeks, The Cellar 9 will be showcasing a breast cancer collection in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Also, the site will soon feature the Booty Wrap, an item showcased in O, the Oprah magazine, so be on the lookout for specialized collections and events by the online boutique.

For more information about The Cellar 9 or how to become a representative, visit their website at www.thecellar9.com or call 866-571-8474.

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