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Park Cities Baptist Church proudly announces the creation of Boy Scout Troop 518 effective January, 2010.  Troop 518 has its introductory meeting from 7pm to 8:30 pm on January 4th, 2010.  All current Boy Scouts are welcome to attend.  Boys coming out of the Cub Scout program or who are in their first year of scouts are welcome as well.  

Mark Boozer and Mason Hogan will be the Scout Master and Committee Chairman, respectively.   Troop 518 was created to give scouts another option for scouting.  Troop 518 will be a scout led program concentrating on Leadership, Advancement, Adventure, and Service.  “We want our scouts to create memories – all while learning to work together, respecting each other, and helping those in need” says Scout Master Mark Boozer.

An extensive and fun list of activities and dates will be presented on Monday January 4th.  The troop will meet each Monday evening in the Reed Building (rooms 302,303, and 304).  Meetings will begin promptly at 7pm and let out no later than 8:30pm. 

Please contact Mark Boozer (214 763-4311) or Mason Hogan (214 675-7190) for more information.

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