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Photo courtesy of ssahmBBQ

Food trucks are a current hit in the Dallas market, offering tasty, traveling cuisine from cheesesteaks to cupcakes.  These mobile kitchens bring food directly to customers, allowing people from all local communities a convenient dining experience.  ssahmBBQ is a hit within these communities.

ssahmBBQ (actual spelling) is a Korean barbecue vendor and an up-and-coming star in the food truck industry.  Owned by Andy and Annie Park, ssahmBBQ has only been in business for about four months, but already has a jam-packed schedule and a following of devoted fans.  

The Parks developed ssahmBBQ based on the gourmet food truck trend of the West coast, in an attempt to bring the movement to the DFW area.  “Dallas was lacking that concept, and we thought we would help bring the concept, along with a few other trucks that popped up when we did,” they said. 

According to the Parks, a family history in the restaurant business and a specialty in Korean barbecue led them to continue the tradition “with a little twist.”  Instead of opening a stationary restaurant for customers to visit, the Parks wanted to create a restaurant that could be taken directly to customers.  “We can move around and reach different areas without having multiple brick and mortars,” they said of the food truck.  “In a sense, we come to a lot of people when we are in their neighborhood.” 

Through trial and error, the food truck has created a weekly schedule of locations ssahmBBQ serves.  Open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner, ssahmBBQ traditionally makes 10 stops per week throughout the Metroplex, including Uptown, the Dallas Design District, Irving and Lakewood, and even going as far as Fort Worth.  In addition to its 10 scheduled stops, the food truck is often invited to serve at weekend events and late night. 

Though the weekly schedule may be predictable, ssahmBBQ’s menu is anything but expected.  In a fusion of Latino and Asian cuisine, ssahmBBQ offers Korean-style tacos, quesadillas and burritos in your choice of Kalbi (beef), Daeji (pork), Ddak (chicken) or Dubu (tofu). 

Also on the menu are Kimchee Fries—fries served with cheese, cilantro and onion, and caramelized kimchee, a traditional fermented Korean dish made from vegetables and seasonings.  According to the Parks, occasionally, people are hesitant to try the Kimchee Fries, but, “once they try it, they become a believer,” they said. 

With the success of ssahmBBQ’s food truck increasing daily, the Parks said they are interested in expanding the business with another food truck and additional permits in surrounding cities. 

Be on the lookout for ssahmBBQ in your neighborhood!

For more information about the ssahmBBQ menu and schedule, visit their website at www.ssahmbbq.com.

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