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Matthew Cobb

In-N-Out Burger opened its doors to a smaller first-day crowd than its suburban counterparts. The restaurant, which is located off the North Central Expressway near the intersection of Caruth Haven Lane, had a slower-than-expected morning, but business and traffic increased throughout the day, according to a KDAF-TV report by Tommy Noel.

Laura Smith, an In-N-Out customer who showed up in the morning, said she was prepared to wait in line to get her meal but was able to get food quickly.

"I was happy that we were not in a long, long line," Smith said.

Though, business at the location did increase throughout the day, and the drive-through was expanded from one to four lanes of traffic.

This is the third In-N-Out Burger location in the Metroplex but the first in the city of Dallas.

Customers who are looking for more variety during their In-N-Out visit may want to try ordering something off the restaurant's secret menu

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