Mention underpants and everybody looks! If you want to “expose” your business to a ready-made, built-in audience that lives, works, plays and sends their kids to school close to your business, is the ticket.   

When you advertise on BubbleLife, you can show off your business with banner ads, which are similar to hoisting billboards up on a busy street. Instead of cruising by in your car to see the billboard (though, if everyone is texting and driving, they won’t see them anyways), your ads are showcased next to neighborhood news that over 150,000 people already trust.  

  • On BubbleLife’s news websites, your ads will be working 24/7 because people check their news all the time.  

  • Also, with the daily email newsletter, you get an ad that is emailed out every day!

This is way different than print papers and magazines. First of all, most print publications are distributed weekly or monthly, and BubbleLife is updated in “real time” (a fancy tech term for “all the time”). Also, with print papers and magazines, people give them the heave-ho—read and chunk. So, with that said, your ads will work for you around the clock on BubbleLife!  

Don’t believe me? sends a weekly report of how many times the ads are shown and if people are clicking through to your website. If you have a crummy ad, you can change it. With print stuff, you are toast—no changing it up.

Do something to start the new year off with a bang. Get out your wallet and visit You can pick one neighborhood or all 60depending on how fat your wallet is. Just pick something you can afford, and be consistent.  

You can start today for $99 per month. Better reserve your spot because when I take over this place, the prices are going up.  

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