Today is Day 8 of my shenanigans, and I just NOW found the “other” site. It's called InTheLoopKids, and it’s the misfit site of the BubbleLife communities. Crystal, the office mom, BubbleLife designer-person and 5k runner, has no qualifications for being a writer or an editor, but that hasn’t stopped her. She writes and corresponds with all the contributors to make sure InTheLoopKids is a fun resource for Dallas parents, kids and child-oriented businesses.

This is the DFW hub for mommy and daddy stuff. I perused this InTheLoopKids site last night and found that there is a lot of stuff to do with your children. Kid activities, DIY art projects, cooking, education, Dallas-area excursions, the latest product recalls, and a host of other local topics populate the site and newsletter.


If it’s kid-related (the human kind, not the goats) and relevant to the Dallas area, you can find it at Just like all the BubbleLife Communities, you can still…

• Subscribe to get the newsletter

• Send in your articles with iReporter or Connect

• Upload kid-related calendar events

• Post bulletins and use it for FREE advertising, nanny reviews or kid clothes swaps (kids grow too fast, even though I’ll forever be 10 inches tall and wearing red)

And if your business or blog is specific to kids, you can get a FREE Directory for your company or blog by signing up for that Connect thingy I mentioned earlier this week and filing it under InTheLoopKids. This site really is the land of misfit businesses and parents that don’t quite fit nicely under one of the other 60 neighborhoods.

Crystal is constantly collecting an army of mom and dad bloggers and businesses to help contribute to the awesome of ITLK (this is how the employees abbreviate it). If you want to be a contributor and/or sponsor a post let her know; she’ll love coming back from holiday vacation with a FULL email inbox and snowflakes I made out of all her business cards.

P.S. To check out some of the other spying shenanigans I've been up to in the BubbleLife office, click here.

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