Hi, I’m an Elf on the Shelf. I was given as a gift to Saffie Farris, the publisher at BubbleLife, but for some reason, she thinks I’m “creepy” and has refused to participate in my holiday shenanigans at her home. She didn’t even give me a name. That’s how I ended up as a secret spy in the BubbleLife office.

She discarded me in the back room, but just to show her how creepy I can be, I’ve been doing a bit of snooping and am ready to share a few of BubbleLife's secrets with readers.

You know that old song “The Twelve Days of Christmas?” I’m all about tradition during the holidays, but this year, I’m putting my own twist on those 12 days, so you won’t see any swans-a-swimming in this office. Instead, I’m giving you the Twelve Days of BubbleLife!

In my short time here, I've learned that their focus at BubbleLife is connecting local communities together with local news — a place to share your news among neighbors and a place to promote your local business.

That’s what they do and I’ve heard the people around here say that they are very good at it, so they've introduced and improved several features to better help you connect with your community:

Here is the down and dirty. They have:

  • Bulletins — This is fancy for free classifieds and free advertising.
  • iReporter — This is where you become a neighborhood reporter or, as the cool people say, a “citizen journalist.”
  • BubbleLife Connect — BubbleLife Connect is local marketing in a box, but they won’t say it. They have disguised it as a directory page with promotion tools so that you don’t freak out by all the cool stuff it does.
  • My BubbleLife — It’s a profile page for you and your favorite articles and a bunch more stuff I’ll get into in a few days.
  • News Website Redesign — It’s better organized and you can find calendar events, bulletins, featured news and buttons for making posting a ton easier.

That’s just my quick overview of their new and improved features, so check back to the site over the 11 days when I reveal even more secrets about the BubbleLife team!

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