Word around the office is that there’s been a lot of development that allows BubbleLife readers to find their news much easier than before. From what I’ve gathered, there are ways to save your favorite articles to one place, see all your contributions and find out about BubbleLife interest communities.

If you’re feeling social, you can also follow each community’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for on-the-go news updates! This would be a perfect way to get news in the North Pole—you know the elves are busy this time of year!

My BubbleLife

This new, refurbished and organized behind-the-scenes section of BubbleLife helps you keep all your BubbleLife actions organized. All you do is subscribe to a BubbleLife newsletter or sign up for BubbleLife Connect. Then, you can:

• Easily update and manage your profile

• Access all of your contributions

• Discover more BubbleLife communities and Interest Groups like InTheLoopKids and EatGreenDFW

• Connect your social media accounts

• View your "saved" articles

• Manage your Connect site(s)

Save Your Favorite Posts

See an article on BubbleLife that you love? I’ve caught wind that there’s now a way for you to save your favorite stories for easy access in the future. You’ll find the "Save" button on all BubbleLife posts—look for the BubbleLife icon right at the top of this article next to the email and social media icons, make sure you are logged in and then click it! All this does is put the article in your saved folder—you can do this for your own articles or those you want to re-read, send to a friend or reference later.

Website Redesign

Things on the homepage have been shuffled around a bit to make it easier on the eyes. It was "touch and go" there for a while between the design team (the fun people) and the software developers (the serious people), but now, the finished product is better than they could have imagined on their own. 

They’ve put Calendar Events and Bulletins on the front page so that readers can see them more easily. The new design is cleaner, more intuitive, user-friendly and helpful for those who are new to the BubbleLife way.

News is More Accessible On-the-Go

BubbleLife is now easier to access on your smart phones and tablets. The folks at BubbleLife always made sure that you can read your newsletter wherever you are, but now, it’s even easier to find news on our multiple platforms. Whether you are on the news site using your iPhone, computer or tablet, or if you’re getting your news through your email inbox, Twitter or Facebook, BubbleLife is there. The editors and website are constantly searching for your local content and ready for you to submit news, photos or information that is relevant to your neighborhood. Come across a traffic jam while you’re out around town? Snap a quick pic, post it to BubbleLife, and they’ll spread the word to help your neighbors avoid the area.

I’ve got a lot more secrets to share, so come back tomorrow to learn about BubbleLife Connect—easily the best secret you’re going to get!

P.S. To check out some of the other spying shenanigans I've been up to in the BubbleLife office, click here.

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