I promise, this is the last thing I’ll post about Valentine’s Day. But seriously. What would be better than a Valentine who shows up with one of these? The guys at Jimmy’s also want you to know they’ve got your back when it comes to tomorrow night’s dinner. Just pick up some of J.T. Lemley’s tomatoes for a salad, grab Joseph’s Lobster Ravioli with Jimmy’s own vodka sauce for a second course, and pick up a prime rib eye for a special price of $9.99 per pound (regularly $17.99/pound, so obvs., that’s a good deal). The special price for the beef expires on February 15, so even if you’re taking your lady/gent to a night out, you might want to pick up a steak on Saturday to eat later in the week.

Don’t forget the cannoli. Also, don’t forget to take pictures of your dinner tomorrow night. I’d love to see your creations next week, and post them on the blog, if you’ll let me. You know, you show me yours, I’ll show you mine (yowza). Until then…

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