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Godbey Lecture Series

Series 2: Constitutional Law 101: Two Hundred & Twenty-Five Years in Four Hours

Lackland Bloom, Professor, Dedman School of Law, SMU (2010 GLS Authors’ Award Winner)

This series will attempt the formidable task of distilling over two hundred years of constitutional law and interpretation into four one hour lectures.  The first lecture “Constitutional Conventions” will discuss the two crucial generative events in American constitutional history–the drafting and ratification of the initial Constitution and Bill of Rights and the adoption of the Reconstruction Amendments after the Civil War. The second lecture “Constitutional Structure” will survey the development of four major structural themes in American constitutional law–judicial review, congressional power, federalism, and separation of powers. The third lecture “Civil Rights and Liberties” will address the development of constitutional protection of the values of equality, fairness, privacy, expression, and religious freedom. The final lecture “Interpreting the Constitution” will focus on how Supreme Court reads the Constitution and decides constitutional cases.

Tuesday, February 1 – Constitutional Conventions

Tuesday, February 8 – Constitutional Structure

Tuesday, February 15 – Civil Rights and Liberties

Tuesday, February 22 – Constitutional Interpretation

11:00 am Lecture/12:00 pm Lunch
Maggiano's Restaurant at North Park Center

Series Cost: $180 Members/$260 Non-Members
Individual Lecture Cost: $45 Members/$65 Non-Members


Thursday, January 27, 2011