Hello Ladies,

This is a cautionary tale about neighborhood parties and local consignment stores.  

I recently attended an October fest at my new neighbor's house wearing a leather jacket given to me by my brother for my birthday a few years back.  I took my jacket off putting it on the living room couch at the direction of our host. When the time came walk home,  my jacket was no where to be found. 

First we thought that someone had taken it by accident, but despite an email inquiry to party attendees from the host, the jacket was not returned.  After 3 days I began looking for it at local consignment stores as a friend of mine had suggested.  As fate would have it, I found my jacket at the Clothes Circuit consignment store in the new arrivals section.  I knew it was mine for a number of reasons, including my initials on the label, and I told the sales person  about it.

Unfortunatly, the store claimed that the jacket had arrived at least a week before my neighbor's party and refused release the name of the person who brought  it for sale.  Nevertheless, I purchased my stolen jacket from Clothes Circuit. 

Be careful about bringing unattended items to parties.  But if you experience what happened to me, check out your friendly neighborhood consignment store.  You may have to buy it back, but if so, let others know what happened to you...

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