Saffie Farris

After leaving HP Village on Saturday evening, around 7:00pm, a woman hit our car.

As we are driving down the side road by the old Harrolds, the driver in front of us changed her mind from turning right …to left.

Since, she had already really turned right, she threw her car in reverse and slammed into our car. My husband got out and she drove off. She paused in front of Starbucks and then continued to Preston.

I made my husband drive up beside her and I rolled down my window and gestured to her to roll her window down. She rolled it down and I ask her is she asked her if she ever thought about stopping to see if we were alright or had any damage to our car. She said, “Well, I was only backing up”. I said, “Well, you slammed into our car.” “Did you not feel it?” “Did you wonder, if maybe we were hurt or our car damaged?” Her response, “I was just backing up”.

Of course, I am thinking… You Idiot!!!!

Then, I asked, “Have you been drinking?”

Defensively, she replied, “We were at the movies and it just got out.”

She rolled her window up and drove off…

Be Aware! There is a middle aged woman (60ish), driving a champagne color Lexus or Toyota type car oblivious to anyone around her. She may be more dangerous than the teenagers and the cell talking moms….

Yes, I do have her tags but decided to not post them….

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