Received this email 3x today from different sources!  Looks like a grassroot effort is working to discourage the Snider Plaza project.  Make sure to go to the meeting.  Sounds like it will be a good one!




The University Park City Council will vote NEXT TUESDAY EVENING on a new (but essentially the same old) proposal by Legacy Hillcrest Investments to build a massive (over 187,000 sq. ft.) development at the corner of Daniel and Hillcrest, on the south end of Snider Plaza.  The current Chase Bank building is only 60,000 sq. ft., and existing zoning laws (under which this land was purchased) allow only 108,000 sq. ft. 

Legacy’s current proposal is larger than many Wal-Mart stores and will include an UNDISCLOSED mix of office space, retail, hotel, etc. (and no U.P. Library)!  By the investor’s own traffic estimate, this development will introduce OVER 4,000 CAR TRIPS PER DAY INTO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Most of us agree that a some new development is needed, but only if it is responsible development that considers issues important to our neighborhood, like Safe Streets. 

Although the City has patiently considered Legacy’s MANY, similar proposals over the past decade, Legacy continues to pursue its over-sized ambitions that will entirely change the character of the Snider Plaza area by dramatically increasing traffic and doing little (if anything) to solve Snider Plaza’s parking problem.

 The current proposal was reviewed in multiple meetings and flatly rejected by the University Park Planning and Zoning Commission late last year.  Following only superficial changes, Legacy is back at the City Council, hoping that YOU will not show up to voice your opposition.

 The City Council can now approve this proposal or shut it down (for another two years) next Tuesday evening.  Comments made by Mayor Holmes to reporters have led many of us to be concerned.

 No signs. No petitions. But one thing is needed:

Please attend THE meeting (Legacy’s plan will be voted up or down at this meeting): 

U.P. City Hall

Tuesday, February 23


 Please mark your calendar NOW and tell your friends. 

PS—If this gets approved, there is no turning back and we will be wishing we had taken a more aggressive position…. So please come to this meeting.

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