Because our office is in Snider Plaza, we are on a mailing list with other Snider Plaza merchants.  As you might imagine, we are following the "parking situation" very carefully.  Today, it is hard to find a parking space in Snider Plaza.  It is very important that the Legacy project has ample parking for themselves. 

In an email received today, it is our understanding that Legacy submitted a plan, over the weekend, to reduce the parking of the development and it will be voted on at tomorrows meeting.  If you go to the UP Website, you will see that there is an agenda for the meeting and Legacy is on it:

Here is a list of emails for those interested in reiterating the fact that we should not be dealing on the parking...

James Holmes Mayor jholmes@uptexas.org
Council Robert Clark rhc@robertclarkandassoc.com
Council Jerry Grable jerrygrable@att.net
Council Kelly Walker kelly@benchmarkenviro.com
Council Syd Carter logap@sbcglobal.net

Please try to attend tomorrows meeting!

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