As a member of HPPC I find it very unfortunate that the neighbors were protesting prior to the unveiling of the design. How can you oppose what you do not know. My children attended school there for over 7 years and I can not fathom a solution to the daily parking issue would not be welcome! If anyone has seen the design they would be additionally suprised that there is any opposition. The proposal affects the church owned homes in the block west of the church. These homes remain with the exception of two which will be removed. The backyards of these homes will be reduced so the parking lot is where the backyards and alley are located. Having tried to drive down McFarlin and University during carpool, a funeral, church function or Sunday service is frustrating and challenging. It is sad neighbors protest such a well thought out and least disruptive solution. The church isn't coming in and erecting a parking garage. Know the solution before you complain.

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