It's the end of May and surely you've noticed the longer days, abundant sunshine, and the 90 degree weather.  Perhaps you didn't get the memo, but these have been Mother Nature's not-so-subtle hints that summer has arrived.  The season's shenanigans officially begin this Memorial Day weekend and whether you're planning to hit the golf course, spend a leisurely day at the UP pool, or cook up a backyard barbeque feast, please remember the most important rule of summer...ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!

I know...you've heard it a million times- sun damage this, early aging that- blah blah blah.  We here at Bath Junkie know how you feel.  Sunscreen is a pain.  Most of the time it's goopy or greasy and leaves you smelling like a tropical drink that's been left out by the pool too long.  Banana-Coconut?  Yeah right, more like Banana- Coco-YUCK!!! But thanks to your friendly, neighborhood Bath Junkie the days of Panama Jack and Banana Boat are long gone as we usher in a new era of luxurious, organic suncare products.

Bath Junkie is proud to introduce Coola, a multifunctional series of suncare goodies crafted from the finest certified organic ingredient available.  Coola products take sunscreen to a whole new level!  The non-greasy, moisture rich creams combine organic extracts and age-defying antioxidants with natural mineral based SPFs and are available in scents like plumeria, cucumber, and mango. And for those who want the sun protection without the frilly fragrances, Coola's total body sunscreen also comes in a truly fragrance-free formula.  These light, hydrating lotions will keep your skin safe from Mr. Sun's pesky UVA/UVB rays and will leave your birthday suit feeling ooh-la-la lovely.

So pop into Bath Junkie and stock up on Coola sunscreen today and be assured that this Memorial Day, whether you spend it tanning at the pool or eating your body-weight in hotdogs, like myself, we'll have you covered...Literally!


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