The Godbey Lecture Series, in existence for over thirty years, offers lectures for individuals who seek intellectual stimulation.  Under the sponsorship of Dedman College, the lectures are presented by SMU faculty and cover a wide range of topics, including literature, history, the arts, psychology, politics, and much more.  All lectures are designed and delivered with the general community audience in mind.  In addition, occasional day trips and tours are used as learning platforms for in-depth learning.

Membership in the Godbey Lecture Series (GLS) allows members to attend the lectures at a reduced rate, while at the same time, enriching the lives of the Dedman College faculty.  All GLS membership fees go toward a research and development fund from which Dedman College faculty are able to draw for conference travel, research, and personal development endeavors. 

Lectures are held at Maggiano’s at North Park Center and lunch is included in the cost of the lecture.  Individuals are invited to attend the lectures and join a community of life-long learners who enjoy staying abreast of the latest research, expanding their knowledge, and sharing thoughts with like-minded learners.  For more information, visit the GLS website at http://www.smu.edu/godbey or call 214-768-2532.

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