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As the holiday season draws near, Jubilee Park and Community Center celebrated seniors from the local community at its annual Christmas Luncheon for. Long-time supporters and friends of Jubilee Park and Community Center, and volunteers from Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, gathered on Wednesday, December 16, 2016 to provide a feast including baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and pie. The Class Act Tap Company, a service organization of 40 senior tap dancers who range from age 59 to 81, was also on-site to perform and spread holiday cheer.

The mission of Jubilee Park and Community Center is to be a catalyst for comprehensive community revitalization and enrichment in the Southeast Dallas area, with emphasis on the education of children and adults.  Its multi-facility campus includes the Walt Humann – T. Boone Pickens Community Center, a Resource Center utilized by Dallas Police Department and community prosecutor, Early Head Start and Head Start facilities, a community garden and a 24-unit senior housing complex.  The majority of households in the 62-block Jubilee Park neighborhood earn incomes far below the federal poverty level and have limited access to education and health resources.

Volunteers and guests in attendance included: Barbara and Michael York, Marilyn Harbison, Cynthia Sample, Johanna and Ashton Corrigan, Maria and David Martin, Marvin Yeager, Dallas Police Department Sgt. Bridget Wilson-Jones, Van Sheets, Barbara Dilbeck, Matt Davies, Nancy Moore, Kay Whelan, Electra Harrelson, Adele Broughton, Aline Jobe, Ovidia Amaya, Flora Whitaker, Dorothy Crouch, Berma Dye, Bonnie Jones. Joyce Hull, Marilyn Arensberg, Lane Clark and Russell Cook.

Food was provided by: Jane Greene, Mary Elizabeth Schleier, Deirdre Glober, Margaret Spellings, Maria Martin, Beth Hise, Sherry Kneipper, Doris  Walton, Brenda Sheets, Cincha Kostman, Vicki Sparks, Gwendolyn Chestnut, Joan Faubion, Sally Schupp, Allison Bovard, Debbie Jenevein, Sheri Deterling, Lane Clark, Dianne Boyd, Debbie Fosdick, Mary Ruth McKenney, Jeff Rice, Linda Wade, Kelly Wilson, Barbara Dilbeck, Katie Whiteman, Kristin Kline,  M’lou Bancroft, Kim Bannister, Shannon Callewart, Susan Johnson, Kelly Giron, Squeaky Connolly, Monica Huggins, and Margaret Cervin.

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