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Dallas-based interior designer Kristin Mullen is thrilled to announce her retail shop, Curated by Kristin Mullen, will host Carol Pankratz as a featured artist. Pankratz’s Alchemy collection will be on display now through Thursday, December 15, 2016.

Alchemy, a 20-piece collection created throughout 2015 and 2016, offers a variety of paintings ranging from in size from six inches by six inches to 48 inches by 48 inches. With material and color palette in mind, Pankratz lets the layers of abstraction take shape, resulting in mixed media pieces with neutrals and muted shades of blue and green. 

 With a varied disciplinary background, Pankratz received her Master of Arts in Interior Architecture and Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Kansas State University. Jobs in commercial and retail space planning, and experience with antique furniture restoration evolved into a passion for decorative arts where her broad knowledge within multiple mediums and her experience perfecting varied techniques has proved invaluable. Her work has been featured in multiple publications including Veranda, Dallas Home Design and British Homes & Gardens

“When I create new pieces, I begin thinking of ways I can change one raw surface into something of greater value,” said Pantratz. 

Pankratz’s artwork is the perfect addition to the handpicked selections of home furnishings and accessories available at Curated. The contemporary, yet sophisticated pieces embody Mullen’s style, which is undoubtedly traditional with a twist – a balancing act of Eurasian, American, vintage, and modern, clean lined, yet comfortable.

 “Carol’s passion lies in seeing personal space transformed through the use of color and pattern, and her background in interiors allows her to work a piece of art into a room,” said Kristin Mullen. “The pieces she creates are beautiful, unique and contemporary, allowing them to stand alone or to be grouped with other pieces. I’m honored to showcase her latest collection in the shop this month.”

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