Springtime in Texas can mean enjoyable temperatures, beautiful landscapes and months spent outdoors, but in just the time it takes to set up that backyard barbecue, storm clouds can roll in, bringing rain, thunder and the potential for severe weather.

Just last year, a hailstorm hit areas of North Dallas and Lakewood on June 13, 2012, producing large hail that caused $2.5 billion in damage to vehicles, homes and other property.

Unfortunately, even with the meteorologists’ help, predicting severe weather is a tough task. We’ve all learned that weather is not preventable, but being prepared for hailstorms and other inclement weather can protect your property from costly repairs following the storm.

Brent Cooper, a Dallas-based State Farm agent, has several suggestions to help your family be prepared before the storm hits. 

Be aware of weather conditions and know the signs of a hailstorm.
Severe thunderstorms are likely to occur in the late afternoon or early evening hours of a hot day, often creating the potential for hail during these times. When dark clouds, thunder, lightning or high winds appear, it’s best to be prepared for hail as well.

Find a covered place for your vehicle and outdoor equipment.
If possible, make sure that your vehicle(s) is under a covered area during any bad weather. If your home has a garage or carport, now is the time to get organized and provide shelter for your car if severe weather hits. If you have room, bring in any boats or RVs, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment or grills and barbecue pits.

Stay safe inside of your home.
When accompanied by lighting, hail and rain, storms can be fascinating to watch. However, if threats of hail and/or strong winds are in effect, be sure to stay inside your home, away from windows in the case that hail or a flying object hits and shatters the glass. If you have curtains or blinds, use them to cover the windows as another means of protection against shattered glass.

Know who to call for repairs.
Following a bad hailstorm, you can be certain that auto glass replacement shops will be full of people looking to get a quick fix on their vehicle’s windshield or windows. Know in advance who to call for these services, as getting to them as soon as possible can help your repair go smoothly and efficiently. 

To check your coverage and make sure you’re prepared in the case of hail or other severe weather damage, contact Brent Cooper at 214-987-1995. Brent will determine if your current coverage is right for your family and can help you if a coverage adjustment is necessary.

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