Each year, Texas homeowners are affected by spring storms and weather damage. In fact, the state of Texas has exposure to nine different types of natural disasters — the most among any state in the country. 

It’s possible that tornadoes, hail and strong winds could strike Texas this spring, and it’s important that you are prepared with proper insurance coverage. The time to check on your coverage is now — not after that storm brings a tree down on your roof.

Here are some things to think about as you look over your policy:

Have you made any upgrades to your home or added buildings to your property?
Making sure you have adequate — and enough — coverage is important. A renovation to your home or the addition of new buildings (example: storage shed) on the property can alter the amount of coverage you need. 

Have you removed any outdoor buildings from your home?
You may be able to save money by cancelling coverage you no longer need. If you’ve removed any outdoor buildings from your property, check with your provider to see where you can save.

Do you have personal property that needs its own insurance?
If you have personal property such as boats, stamp collections, firearms, computers, expensive jewelry, artwork, etc., these items could qualify for a separate policy. This may help to eliminate potential gaps in your coverage.

Can you list all of the possessions in your home?
If you don’t have one already, be sure to create and keep a running inventory list of possessions: receipts, manuals, photographs, and/or video recordings of personal property in the household. Once you've inventoried your property, store the information in a fireproof safe or a safety deposit box. Having an inventory will make your claims process easier and move more efficiently.

Are you covered for water damage?
Some water damage is covered in your policy, but it is limited, depending on the source of the water. Typically, ground water isn't covered under the homeowner’s policy, but may be covered by a flood policy. Water that enters a home through a sewer, drain, or sump pump is excluded, but this coverage may be added to the homeowner’s policy if desired.

To check your coverage and make sure you’re prepared in the case of severe weather damage, contact Brent Cooper, a Dallas-based State Farm agent, at 214-987-1995. Brent will determine if your current coverage is right for your family and can help you if a coverage adjustment is necessary.

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