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It is important to stay physically active to keep your body and mind healthy. This can look different for many, from taking a nice stroll in the park to lifting weights at the gym. Yet, it is essential to understand how your body responds to the exercise and training it is enduring. The physiological and biochemical makeup of your body can maximize results, optimize your training strategies, and help you make informed decisions throughout your fitness journey. 


The systems in your body

Your body is a working team. Every part has to work together to keep you happy and healthy. Even though your body is one big team, there are subsections working on their own individual tasks to eventually help work on the bigger task at hand, making sure you’re able to function correctly. Your musculoskeletal system works as the framework for your body. It is made up of your muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and ligaments to enable movement and provide support. This is important when engaging in physical activity because it gives your body the ability of force, stability, and coordination. Your cardiovascular system and respiratory system work hand in hand to keep your blood pumping. Your cardiovascular system is made up of your heart, blood, and blood vessels. It is very similar to the respiratory system by providing oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles. It also acts as a removal of waste products that are generated during exercise. You might be thinking, with all  these systems, how does my body actually get to moving? The muscles in your body contract to cause movement. It involves muscle fibers, biochemical reactions, and motor neurons to generate force.


How well can the body adapt?

Sometimes we don’t give our bodies enough credit. They are powerful vessels that are working nonstop to let us function properly. When it comes to performing exercises your body has to register what you are trying to do and will adapt to your specific needs. If you want to indulge in resistance training, that requires more work from your musculoskeletal system. If you wanted to participate in some aerobic training then your body would call for more help from your cardiovascular system to help it adapt. As long as your body is healthy, your body is able to adapt fairly easily. 

No matter what training you decide to engage in, your body is here to support you. To get the results you want safely, it is important to understand your body and what it needs. Incorporating the science of exercise will help you make realistic goals and tailor your training. You only have one body, so let’s cherish it and use it to its full potential!

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