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A place for everything, and everything in its place. For many of us, this proverb seems more like a fantasy than reality. So if your home is more nightmare than sweet dream, read on for a round-up of clutter-busting ideas that will turn that frown upside down.


Your best bet for a welcoming, clutter-free entryway is simply to acknowledge the “stuff”. There are shoes, coats, bags, and the day’s mail, so make sure it all has somewhere to go and fast. When it comes to junk mail, your best bet is to file it with your bills or toss it – immediately! If you’ve got little ones at home, designate a special memory box for their most special arts and crafts projects. Snap digital photos of any other memorable artworks to keep them for posterity. Go vertical to keep floors clear of backpacks and coats by staggering hooks on the wall. Utilize a small cabinet or basket to collect shoes, or hang a shoe organizer on the back of your coat closet door to organize your family's scarves, belts, and gloves. 


In your bathrooms, go vertical yet again. Hanging storage solutions like hooks can minimize clutter. Hang a wooden board then mount mason jars with hose clamps for easy access to cotton balls, swabs, toothpaste, or makeup brushes. Drawer inserts can organize small items and assorted bottles.


Use creative cabinet accessories like wastebasket pull-outs or sliding drawers in base cabinets wherever possible; in tight spaces, access is everything! And as tough as it is, ditch the junk drawer. Recycle small jars or pill bottles with a repurposed spice rack to all those house buttons, pins, and other small crafting supplies. The same method works perfectly for pesky nuts, bolts, nails and drill bits in the garage. Replace all those drawers you've emptied out with a hidden outlet for charging phones and other devices safe from kitchen spills and other hazards found on the countertop.

If after trying some of these techniques, you’re still struggling with clutter, it’s time to get professional help.  A contractor can build in cabinetry under your stairs or elsewhere to maximize dead spaces with storage. A home renovation can help you devise a shelving system in your garage or new closets to keep clutter off the floors. Whether you want to remodel the garage for your outdoor projects or transform a bedroom closet into a crafting niche, our design-build services can help you make the most of your space. Give us a call to start brainstorming you storage solutions today!


Chris Black
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