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The pitter-patter of little feet, the click of furry paws on tile, and the roar of power tools and pounding hammers. Ah, progress, how sweet your sound. The survival of your loved ones and your sanity is possible during a home renovation, but there are definitely some key things to consider.


Home renovation projects do take time, so you are well-advised to plan ahead and to make safety everyone's top priority. Securing young children or pets out of harm's way is key. Using tools like safety gates or other barriers to restrict access to the room(s) under construction will keep curious fingers and noses from exploring hazards. Offering children their own toy tool sets can help them feel part of the action and give their excitement an outlet. Work zones are best avoided completely, but when impossible the ease and effectiveness of a pack-and-play is undeniable. 

New Routines

If your kitchen or bath are to be out of commission for weeks, you have some necessities to consider. Can you setup a mini-fridge and camping-style cooktop or microwave in another room? How will your family need to adjust their morning rush to accommodate sharing facilities? Creating a new “normal” proactively will go a long way to keep moods upbeat. Plan ahead some simple breakfasts and lunches to keep the natives fed, round up your delivery menus, and don't forget to stock up on disposable dishes!

When choosing when to start your home renovation, consider your family's seasonal activities as those too will likely be impacted by your changes. Playoff games or visiting relatives may influence your timeline, but also realize that no project will flow perfectly no matter the time of year. Discuss your expectations with your family, and give everyone a chance to voice their concerns before work begins. Being clear on priorities will enable easier negotiations as you execute contracts and setup arrangements with the trades who will improve your home. 

Getting Out 

Noise and dust; it will be a reality. So make sure to plan for those times when it's best just to get lost for awhile. Rely on nearby friends and family, parks and malls for quick breaks. A local library is a great place to get some work done or let the kids do their homework in peace. In addition to budgeting for the expense of eating out more, leave some room for fun activities in your budget. Take advantage of any local attractions, and play tourist for the day. Turn drudgery into discovery!

Despite the potential pitfalls of construction around kids/pets, your newly renovated home will be its own reward that lasts for years to come. When you hire a design-build firm like ours, you can be assured that your temporary growing pains are manageable symptoms of making your dream home a reality.  Give us a call at 214-773-5566 to get your next home improvement project started.  


Chris Black

Chris Black
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