BIA/Kelsey LOCAL IMPACT Dallas Conference



Central Standard Time



Aloft Downtown Dallas
1033 Young Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

The local ad market in Texas is robust. BIA/Kelsey forecasts it will top $13 billion this year, with key verticals like healthcare, retail, and restaurants spending nearly $5 billion divided between traditional media and online/digital. (See more from the forecast.) 

What are other verticals planning to spend? Where are the ad dollars going in all 19 Texas markets? How does the Texas ad market compare to nationwide spending? Why is mobile media growing so quickly? How is location marketing, programmatic and other technologies shifting ad buys?  

To answer all of these questions, BIA/Kelsey will present its Texas market intelligence at its LOCAL IMPACT Dallas conference onWednesday, April 5 in Dallas.

The half day program will include speakers specializing in the local advertising marketplace, with a focus on:

  • Location Marketing
  • Digital Competition
  • Local Advertising Trends
  • Buying/Selling Perspectives for Digital
  • National-Local Advertising

The event welcomes speakers from comScore, Advice Local, Driven Local and Nexstar Broadcasting Group. Just announced, the premier partner for the event is the Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB).  

View all event details and register to attend this power packed afternoon on April 5.

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