Summer is long gone and winter months are creeping up on us, but do you still look like you’re fighting the sun’s damaging rays?  If your skin could use a little post-summer recovery in anticipation of upcoming holiday parties, try out Bella MD’s HydraFacial and Red Carpet Treatment to prep for the season’s festivities. 

Try the HydraFacial for Younger-Looking Skin
Though many skin resurfacing treatments can be harsh on your face, the HydraFacial offers visible results with no discomfort, according to Kim Kelly, partner at Bella MD Laser Vein & Aesthetic Center in University Park.  

With treatment time lasting only about 30 minutes, the HydraFacial provides quick results that can be seen immediately—with zero downtime.  The HydraFacial is designed to be a gentle, effective treatment, safe for all skin types. 

Used by a variety of clients, including women of all ages, men, and even teens, the HydraFacial provides a fast and mild—yet effective—treatment for anyone pursuing better skin health.  Whether you have normal skin, oily or aging skin, the HydraFacial can be specialized to treat specific concerns, using a dermal builder on aging skin and glycolics for acne-prone skin.

The three-step process, described as feeling like a cool paintbrush moving over the face, starts off with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation technique to remove dead skin cells, revealing healthy, new skin.  The second step involves a gentle acid peel, used to loosen dirt and debris from pores without irritation, prior to an extraction treatment using suction to remove impurities from the pores.  To finish the HydraFacial, a Bella MD aesthetician hydrates and infuses nutrients and vitamins into the skin. 

Because the treatment is so effective without the use of harsh products, patients who receive the HydraFacial deal with no downtime, while still achieving instant, pain-free results.  “There is zero downtime with they HydraFacial.  You can do this during your lunch hour and put makeup on right away.” Kelly said. 

Following just one treatment, many patients report seeing noticeable skin refinement and a more even, radiant skin tone. 

Why the Red Carpet Treatment, Too?
Bella MD’s Red Carpet Treatment is as good as it sounds.  Often used prior to a special event such as a wedding, anniversary or award ceremony, the Red Carpet Treatment is a two-mask system designed to get your skin in tip top shape, and like the HydraFacial, there is zero downtime. 

The first mask is an aggressive, yet gentle, exfoliant.  The second mask soothes and hydrates skin, leaving you with a noticeable glow. 

Special Offer
To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, Bella MD is offering a special deal package for the HydraFacial and Red Carpet Treatment.  Valued at $300 ($150 each), both treatments combined are being offered at $99. 

Kelly suggests that clients prep for holiday parties and gatherings with the Red Carpet Treatment, and come in for the HydraFacial for a quick pick-me-up post-holidays.

If you’re interested in learning how the HydraFacial and Red Carpet Treatment can help your skin, call Bella MD Laser Vein & Aesthetic Center to set up an appointment.

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